Some great news from the Adobe front: they’ve finally realized they need a solution more unique than Photoshop for today’s digital designers. They call it Adobe Comet. I think it looks super exciting. 

The video on the landing page doesn’t do a whole lot for me — it’s clearly some promotional fluff to last them until launch — but it looks like a great tool. I like that they’re clearing thinking through competitive features and UX designer’s needs, so it’s not going to be just a me too” product. 

What surprises me is that it doesn’t look like they’re promoting it as a part of Creative Cloud; at least, not yet anyway. My understanding (although I could be wrong) is that the beta will be open to the public.

A part of me wonders if it will have an extended beta like Brackets, Adobe’s open-source text editor. That would be unfortunate. Brackets is nice, but it always feels a little behind compared to competitors like Atom (the text editor we’re using here). 

And that’s a sort of summary for Adobe’s current position in the digital design app marketplace: behind the eight ball. I don’t know if Comet will be more of the same or a sign of real change, but I’m excited for its debut in 2016.