I picked up a guitar when I was twelve and started freelancing when I was twenty-one. I’ve been a freelance web designer and web developer for over ten years. I call my office Wildfire Studios, and try to keep my portfolio as up to date as I can (although I’m always a year or two behind). I have designed websites and apps for multinational corporations, huge nonprofits, startups, and government initiatives.

In addition to web work, I spent my formative years as an award-winning professional writer. I’ve written plays, television commercials, iPhone reviews, and everything in between. During this time period, I was also a professional wedding and event photographer.

Work and projects

  • Wildfire Studios (2012-present): My freelance design studio/​portfolio.
  • Unsung Sundays (20132017): My digital music magazine. A new issue” went out every Sunday morning via email. I designed, programmed, and wrote the site myself. It’s something I like to write about, but it also helped me find my early clients. 
  • Five More Things (2014): I made a podcast with my friend Adam Haworth called Five More Thing. (The feed has sadly disappeared with time.)


You can email me at nathan@​nathansnelgrove.​com or follow me on Mastodon. My Twitter account still exists, although I rarely use it. I’m also on Instagram.


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