There aren’t many people who frequent this site, but if you’re one of them, you may have noticed some changes around here:

  1. The whole look and feel of the site has changed. (I was feeling playful, and it’s Saturday.)
  2. There’s a ton of blog posts here that weren’t here before. That’s because I shut down one of my old blogs. I used to write on a blog called Overly Opinionated, where I shared my view on stuff happening with Apple and Nintendo. I wrote it pretty frequently for about two months, and then stopped. Since I figured I’d write there pretty infrequently, I thought there was no reason to have a separate site for it. So now all that content is here, and that site redirects to this one now.

All this amounts to a bit of spit and polish. This site looks more active than it’s been in some time, and it’s got a new, modern look and feel to it that I really dig.