As a designer, developer, photographer, and writer, almost everything about the new MacBook Pro appeals to me. I’ve been through four laptops with their terribly butterfly keyboard, and I cannot wait to get something more reliable. The developer in me is so glad to get the inverted arrow keys back, and as somebody who writes a lot of words every day, I’m thrilled to have a reliable keyboard again.

All they had to do to make me happy was change the keyboard, but 64GB of RAM and 8TB of storage(!!!) is an unexpected perk. I’m also glad to see that the price has not jumped (actually, considering they’ve doubled the base hard drive size, it’s cheaper than it used to be).

This is the laptop I wanted Apple to drop in 2016. That we had to wait this long for them to fix the keyboard is unconscionable, but I’m glad to hear that they’ve finally done it.

A couple other quick thoughts:

  1. We still don’t have great external monitor options for these laptops (I’ve written about this before).
  2. If you have the means (or you work as a colourist for a major film studio), you can look forward to extending this laptop with two — two! — 6K Pro Display XDR screens. (The dream.)

I look forward to picking one of these laptops up when my budget allows. Probably not that 6K display though, Apple. Please just put the LG 5K display in a nice enclosure with a glass front, ok?