Migration complete Today, I have finally finished migrating all the blog posts from my Wordpress site to my new site.

For some reason, I didn’t have the original files for a lot of my posts anymore, so I copied the text from each of my blog posts to Drafts, which pasted it directly in Markdown. From there, I moved the file to the appropriate folder. I also added the title and publication date of the post as frontmatter at the top of the file, like this:

date: 2023-08-23
title: Migration complete

If the post had images, I made sure the images were in the same directory as the text file. The text files and their corresponding directories share the same naming conventions: YYYY-MM-DD-name-of-post. It’s easy to search for posts on my Mac this way.

Once these files were completed, I simply had to copy and paste the text into the correct place in Craft CMS, my CMS of choice. I use Craft for all my client work, and its flexibility makes it a great choice for me.

This was a simple process, but time consuming. The plus side is that I now have plain text versions of each of my blog posts saved on my main machine.

This also means that the new version of my website is finally out of design and into development. The design isn’t 100% complete, but it’s good enough to get me going.

The design includes space for blog posts, short status updates (microblogging), movie reviews (synced with Letterboxd), and (potentially) images.

Lots to do still, but migrating all this content was the biggest hurdle to doing the work.