A really nice guy who happens to be rich experiences an alternate life, where he’s not rich and also a nice guy. And he’s confused and acts like a jerk, which is to be expected when he doesn’t know what’s going on. 

But then he learns to be nice again and likes being less wealthy (although still upper middle class, apparently). 

Then he realizes: it’s better to be loved than to be rich. And in the end, the movie suggests he can have both! Which is so great for him. 

There is literally zero reason to care about any of it. He seems like a decent guy, a rich guy who’s more or less nice to everybody. So I don’t get it. 

To me, this is a movie that comforts the suburban middle class who feel increasingly lost. Or something. But it insults them. And it insults rich people. And it insults city dwellers. 

A tremendously tone-deaf film. Nicholas Cage is very much himself too.

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