Second viewing: it doesn’t hold up as well as TFA does, and the first act is a mess. When I saw TFA with my father, he was teary-eyed by the end. They had finally done it: made a good Star Wars sequel that he, a diehard fan since 1977, could truly love. With this, he was technically impressed, but emotionally unmoved. My father is, for me, a good barometer of these things because he has no desire for the bull that we all have about the current hot movie. He’s too old for that. 

So yeah, Rogue One has a lot of great qualities and is often inspired. But I think we’ll all look back more fondly on TFA

Also, the lack of an opening crawl hurts this movie for those who are not diehards, and struggle to place it in the episodic timeline. I heard much murmuring about that as the credits rolled today.

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