Joker is a mediocre film that consistently emulates great films. It’s not dangerous, but it is daring. I appreciate the creative risk that everybody involved took with this movie. Joacquin is on fire. I was at least somewhat moved by its call to compassion for the other” in our society. But a swing and a miss is still a miss. Joker is poorly paced, with some hokey writing and cringe-worthy monologues (particuarly in the first and third acts). This is a film with a lot of squandered potential.

Despite all that, I admire Joker. As a creative professional, I appreciate all the risks here. That took guts.

I hope that other filmmakers don’t see this and think that dark, edgy movies have become cool again. I hope they see this and recognize the potential for new ideas with existing IP. Hopefully, this film creates an opportunity for creative filmmaking to become financially feasible and successful.

I don’t think Joker is a good movie. I have a lot of questions about how the film treats mental illness. I have questions for critics who think this film is dangerous.” But I still hope it has a ripple effect.

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