It’s sublime. Tarantino at the peak of his powers. The colour choices throughout, the editing, the sound effects, the script — which (almost) never features more dialogue than it needs to — and his careful, steady hand make the whole thing work on levels it ought not to.

Uma Thurman is incredible, and Tarantino makes you believe in the magic of cinema in a way that seems transcendent. It’s like a long episode of Looney Tunes, made for adults who want to experience that joy again. As an action movie, it’s a near-perfect experience (although I’m not a fan of the animé sequence). That final chapter! The whole film is completely riveting, entirely engrossing, a rare film that gets better with age and distance.

Bonus points: Tarantino doens’t employ camera shake. He just holds it steady. And it’s marvellous, and so much more immersive than the Greengrass style of shake it so you can fake it.”

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