I admire the way Gunn made this all come together in the last 15 minutes, but the first 75 minutes or so was some of the most tedious filmmaking I’ve ever seen. It took me three separate sessions throughout the night to finish this, because I kept getting bored. 

Three more thoughts:

  1. Gunn’s skills are used more effectively when he’s forced to keep it PG-13. It makes him more creative. If you’re old enough to get in without in adult, the R rating here doesn’t improve the movie. 

  2. Gunn’s whole shtick is overrated, in my opinion. I would have rather seen Edgar Wright make this. The whole film could have really benefited from his kinetic energy. Felt like Gunn was as bored by this material as I was. 

  3. Margot Robbie, like Henry Cavill as Supes, is doing career-defining work as Harley. Truly a Jack Sparrow role for her. Too bad WB has no idea what to do with these characters.

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