I think everybody else hyped this up for me too much. It was a fun popcorn movie, and it’s genuinely nice to see stories told from other perspectives. But some of the twists and turns were so obvious that I wondered why they didn’t take five seconds to spell them out earlier: the woman who wants to kill you? She’s your daughter.” Putting that up front would have ratcheted up some of the intensity at first and saved me from wondering why nobody just said that. 

Genuinely enjoyed how often it subverted expectations of violence, and I like that I mostly felt respected as an audience member, but I think the movie also thinks it’s smarter than it is. Ironically could have benefitted from something like twenty seconds more exposition here and there, because I spent so much time trying to guess how it would subvert what was obviously coming that I didn’t enjoy it as much. If your trick is subverting expectations, make sure you actually subvert them, I guess. 

Highly enjoyable nonetheless.

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