Even better on a second viewing. Nearly every moment of this film is a treasure. I am furious that Day-Lewis didn’t win the Oscar for this. He’s practically invisible. In multiple scenes, he makes a vein in his temple bulge on command. It’s a wild thing. 

My brother in law bought me the 4K disc for Christmas last year. We had seen it streamed previously, and it looked great in that format, but it shines on disc. It’s like having a copy of the 70mm reel in your home. Gorgeous and textural cinematography that feels alive. 

Krieps is also amazing in this. She’s able to keep up with Day-Lewis, which is no small feat. 

The score is amazing. The sounds are amazing. It’s like you can hear the things that annoy Reynolds as much as you can see them. 

Anyway. Love this movie. It would pair really well with Ratatouille, actually.

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