There was way too much darn talking and exposition, mostly delivered inefficiently and in the most unwieldy way possible, but I am a huge sucker for these wildly entertaining movies. The whole thing is very much like going to Cirque du Soleil and watching people risk their lives for your amusement, but it happens at a much larger scale. 

Each action sequence was glorious, top notch filmmaking. 

I have been waiting since Uncharted 2 (the video game) came out (in 2009!!!) for somebody to entirely lift the train sequence and put it in a movie. I was practically delirious for that entire sequence; I have been waiting for somebody to make something like this for nearly 15 years. Can’t believe it took Hollywood this long to cop it. 

Will watch this repeatedly. 

PS. As I say every time I see something in theatres, why do any of us go any more? People can’t stop talking, somebody brought their crying baby, somebody else heckled the movie whenever they got impatient, the projector is worse than my TV in every measurable metric except sheer size, and the person behind my wife kept kicking her seat. Canadian theatres universally stink. Cineplex is the worst. And thank you for coming to my Ted talk.

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